Financial Guides – Taxes


Being self employed, what sort of deductions can I take?

If I have a large capital gain this year, what can I do?

What investments can I make to help defer taxes?

What retirement plans are available to aid in the deferral of taxes?

What other ways can I defer this year's income?

Record Keeping for Taxes

What do I need to keep for tax reasons?

How should I separate and organize these?

How long should I hold onto these documents?

How long should I keep old tax returns?

What other records should I keep?

What recordkeeping system should I have?

Education Expenses

Are there available tax breaks for my children's education?

What is the education tax credit?

What is a Coverdell (Section 530)?

How can I best use the Coverdell (section 530)?

What is a qualified tuition program?

What differentiates the Coverdell Section 530 and the Section 529?

Can I take money from my traditional or Roth IRA to fund my child's education?

What tax deductions can be used for college education?

Is student loan interest tax deductible?

Can I deduct for education that helps at the workplace?