How We Work

The Process

If you already have a QuickBooks system already set up, simply email us your financial files for review. Dawn Milne CPA, LLC are QuickBooks ProAdvisors and have a unique diagnostic reporting program that can identify problems and issues with your QuickBooks file. Once we have reviewed your files and our changes are made, your files will be accurate and correct according to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. QuickBooks files are emailed back to you so you can start using them right away.


Maintaining your QuickBooks system is so easy to do and will ensure that your files maintain their accuracy. All you have to do is send us a monthly email with your files attached. Dawn Milne CPA, LLC will run your files through our Diagnostic Reporting Program and correct any issues it finds.

At the end of the year our clients enjoy the benefit of knowing that their QuickBooks files are accurate and that tax preparation will be a smooth and easy process.